What Christmas Means to Me

On Christmas Eve, Diane is gone for a long time,  I don’t know where she goes.  Then everyone else leaves too.  When she comes back, she brings a lot of people with her, and they are very noisy.  They almost forget to feed me, but they don’t.

They put candles on the table, and eat meatballs, and other food I don’t care about.  Then there is a lot of noise and a lot of paper all over the place.  It’s just a little too exciting for for me, so I hide under the table until it’s over.

 They stay up longer than usual, and Diane puts a funny red collar one me, which kind of itches.  I have fun playing with ribbons sometimes.

 Then Diane leaves again.  I don’t know where she goes.  I’m so happy when she comes back.  I wish she could always stay here.

I heard someone say that Christmas is about God always being with us.  If it’s anything like when Diane comes back from wherever it is she goes, it must be great!

a blog for Christmas

Diane said she would get me a blog for Christmas.  So, here it is! 

 We’re still trying to figure out how to use it.

 Merry Christmas and lots of gravy, pets, squeaky toys and other loves to you.

Hello world!

Hi, I’m Scout.  I’m a dog.  My mom blogs, and I want to too.

 I am a golden retriever and husky mix.  I am just under three years old.  I am very smart and nice, and I like food, running, squeaky toys, running, being around dogs, being around people, and food.

What do you like?