When I went to the lake…

When I went to the lake I took a lot of walks, and I went to the store, and I saw the lake.  I stayed in a cabin.  I think it was very comfortable.

I know how to be at home wherever I go.  Do you?

When I am tired, I know how to rest.  Do you?

Some days, I worked so hard I was exhausted!  This is a picture of me, after working very hard.

Some of my jobs are:

1)  being friendly,

2)  sniffing everything to make sure it is safe,

3) being friendly,

4) making sure Mom and Dad aren’t bored by doing something funny,

5) being friendly,

6) misbehaving so Mom and Dad have something to do.

8 Responses to “When I went to the lake…”

  1. goodbear Says:

    great job description!
    i think they hired the right dog!

  2. FranIAm Says:

    Scout – wow, what a heavy load you have borne!!!

    Has anyone told you how cute you look when you are stretched out on the floor like that? You are Scout-licious!!!

  3. Lindy Says:

    Dear Scout,

    Knowing how to be a home,wherever you are, is important. Thank you for this important reminder.


  4. Rowan Says:

    Very good Scout. I’ve been working hard too. Sometimes I am so tired that I don’t even walk all the way back to my bed, I just lay down as soon as I get inside. Good lick with all your hard work.

    In solidarity,


  5. DogBlogger Says:

    What Lindy said. And I’m so glad your mom takes all these pictures of you.

  6. Ruth Hull Chatlien Says:

    Dear Scout. I am very late reading this. Sorry. You are a very wise dog. I am trying to be a wise dog too. I have many of the same jobs you have–being friendly and sniffing things. I think one of my other jobs is to bark warnings to alert my family about stranger danger, but Mom and Dad yell at me whenever I do. I am confused about the wise thing to do in that case, but I’m trying to figure it out.

    I’m going to tell my mom to put your blog on that thing she calls reader. I don’t like missing your posts.

    Your pal,

  7. Rusty Says:

    Hi Scout! I like your job list. You sound like a very confidant and wonderful dog! Keep up the good work!


  8. grendel Says:

    Hey, Scout,

    Got any new outfits?
    My Job List is very Similar, esp. 2) sniffing everything to make sure it is safe, but I also add

    It is really Important. I learned about it from BlackStar the Dog (Do you know him? He’s at Caliban’s Dream)

    Peace out, Scout!

    Love and Gravy,


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