A Summer Meme

Mom tagged me for a meme (what’s a meme? I don’t know, but I’ll answer the questions)

1.) What first tells you that summer is here?
When Mom starts wearing shorts, and has more time to take me on walks.  Also, I pant more.

2.) Name five of your favorite distinctively summer habits or customs.
*Going on long walks around a lake
*Going up to the Big Lake Far Away and Staying in a Room.
*Going to something called a “Dog Park”
*Riding in a Car with my Nose out the Window
*Chasing Rabbits

3.) What is your favorite smell of summer?
Favorite smell??? I like all smells.  I like the smell of holes and wet leaves after rain, and toads on the road, and trees.  I like the smell of the lake, and all the people we met, and the puppies, especially labs!  they are so cute!

4.) What is your favorite taste of summer?
runner up:  ice cubes

5.) Favorite summer memory?
I live in the moment, so I’m not sure what a memory is.  But I like when we starting going to that place called a “Dog Park” together, when I was little, and met all kinds of dog friends and people friends every morning.  It was so fun!  We used to go every morning.

6.) Extreme heat or extreme cold? Which would you choose and why?
I like cold better, because of rolling around in the snow, but I know mom likes summer, and I like summer because mom and dad have more time.

7.) What books do you plan to read for the season?
I am not going to read any books, and I wish Mom wouldn’t either.  Except books about dogs.

8.) How does the summer affect your faith? Is it a hindrance?
Summer is good because my Mom has more time and we do more things together.  I think it is always good to do more things with my people.

8 Responses to “A Summer Meme”

  1. FranIAm Says:

    I live in the moment, so I’m not sure what a memory is.

    Scout – I love you for saying this, how we should emulate you more!

  2. DogBlogger Says:

    Great play, Scout! I like your list of smells. And, from his track record, I imagine that The Boy shares your favorite taste (also, Frosty Paws).

  3. scoutdog Says:

    I have never had Frosty Paws. I’m sure I would like them, but because I get sick sometimes, Mom won’t let me try them. Bummer.

    I went to a fun place and did a thing called “agility” last week! Maybe I will write about it soon.

  4. Ruth Hull Chatlien Says:

    Hi Scout. My name is Smokey. My mom is typing this for me. I agree that books are bad because they take my mom’s attention away from me. Computers are bad too (except when my mom is typing messages to other dogs).

    I like smells too. If I ever meet you, probably the first thing I will do is smell you. And if you’re nice, I will let you smell me. You want to know what a really great summer smell is? Dead jellyfish at a place my mom calls the ocean. I think you’d like it.


  5. DogBlogger Says:

    I think The Boy might be good at agility, Scout. You’ll have to tell us about it some time!

  6. Kathryn Says:


    Isn’t summer fun? Great meme.

  7. Rowan Says:

    That’s a good play Scout. When Lindy read that she remarked to me what a smart and articulate dog you are. Don’t know what that means but she scratched my butt while she was saying it so… what ev.

    Have a great summer!


  8. Rusty Says:

    Summer is the best! Hope yours continues to be the best!

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