I go to the farm

…. but mom forgot her camera.  Too bad!

On Sunday after Mom came home we got in the car (I got the back seat) and drove and drove and drove.  We drove on a big road for a long time.  When I looked around, I saw there was a lot of space to run — more than I had ever seen before.  I didn’t know where we were headed, but I was patient and waited until we stopped in front of a little white house. 

I got out of the car and sniffed the people who lived there.  There were some awfully good smells coming out of the kitchen.  And I made sure to sniff everything in the living room, to make sure it was ok.  I ran upstairs and downstairs to check out the whole house, and then sat under the table while they ate dinner.

After I ate we were all sitting in the living room and I was playing with a ball, when all of a sudden more people were standing at the door making a loud noise!  And three of them were Boys!  They were nice boys and they wanted to pet me a lot.  I felt like a Very Important Dog when they petted me, so I sat just as straight and as still as I could.

Everyone else ate cake and ice cream and Mom seemed happy.  I was glad about that.  Then we all went upstairs and went to sleep.

The next day we went to ANOTHER house, out where all the running space was.  There was a bigger house and lots of big buildings.  I sat behind Dad’s chair, just because it felt better to do that. 

Then we went to one of the big buildings where a Strange Man showed us something in the corner.  There was a cat and five little furry things that looked kind of like big furry rats!  I didn’t think they were cute.  Actually, I think they looked yummy.

One of them ran out toward me, so of course, I started to scoop it upin my mouth, until mom yelled at me, so I dropped it.  Then SHE picked it up, and she acted like she LIKED it.  She petted it a little, even.  Weird.

I really wanted to see those furry little things again, but Mom wouldn’t let me.  I don’t know why.

I hope I get to go back there again.  There was so much space to run, and I could hear and smell other Dogs around, so it must be Good.

And there were Boys.  Boys are always good

10 Responses to “I go to the farm”

  1. FranIAm Says:

    Oh Scout! What an adventure. You write straight from your heart, with beautiful clarity. It gives me hope and grants me peace.

    Thank you.

  2. zorra Says:

    You had an adventure! It sounds like fun.

    I think those little things were BABY CATS. I don’t think my mama would have let me pick them up either.

    Mama and Daddy say I’m going to have an adventure with them soon. I don’t know whether I want to or not! What’s a beach?


  3. Rusty Says:

    You are a VID! I don’t know why moms are like that about little furry things!

    It sounds like you had a fun and busy time!


  4. Lindy and Rowan Says:

    You are a wonderful dog Scout. I wish I could see you run in all that space. I’ll bet you are a work of art! Someday, some how, I hope I’ll be able to give you some pets myself.

    Rowan says WooF!

  5. goodbear Says:

    that sounds like a perfect trip for a dog!

  6. Checkers Says:

    What a cool time you had! Did you see any elephants? I always look for elephants when I go to the country (haven’t seen any yet..).

  7. Rowan Says:

    Dear Scout,

    Me and my guardian just wanted to come by to say HI. You’re a great dog!

  8. Rowan Says:

    Dear Scout Dog,

    Did you know that I got some new photos on my blog? I finally got my guardian to post them for me. I hope you are having a good summer!



  9. Kathryn Says:

    Wow, what an adventure you had. Yes, those little kitties are not any fun for some dogs. Sissy loves kitties.

  10. Lindy and Rowan Says:

    Dear Scout,

    Me and Rowan miss your posts. We love you.


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