I write a poem!

My job

When I go out

It is my job

to pick up all the sticks

on the street

especially the sticks

that are twice as big as me


When I go out

it is my job

to drag the sticks

as far as I can

for as long as I can

and then drop them

and smile


When I go out

it is my job

to notice every rabbit



(oh birds! in every color chirp and flutter!)

and chipmunk

and the chipmunk holes


I have so many jobs

and these are only the ones

without balls

The End

Love, Scout

10 Responses to “I write a poem!”

  1. Checkers Says:

    I like your poem. It has that authentic, dog obsessiveness to it. What jobs do you have when you stay in?

  2. puppydazzles Says:

    That is great to see your little boy playing with his 4 legged friend

  3. Rusty Says:

    You’re a poet! I like it!

  4. DogBlogger Says:

    What a wonderful poem. Very doggish.

  5. FranIAm Says:

    Scout- that is good. Really good!

  6. Lindy and Rowan Says:

    You’re a good dog Scout. That poem makes me wish I could rub your head and get down on the floor and play with you.

  7. Paul in ABQ Says:

    What a talented dog you are! I like the poem and the way it makes me feel when I read it.

  8. zorra Says:

    Scout, you are so talented! My mama and I wish we could come see you and your mama.
    (Did you know your mom and my dad have the same birthday? Maybe that makes us sort of related!)


  9. grendel Says:

    I love this poem. Very much! And the Part at the End about Without Balls, I know. I went to the Vet too.


    Never mind.

  10. gartenfische Says:

    Scout! I love your poem. Isabel has many jobs, too, and they are very similar to yours. And, like you, lots of hers have to do with sticks and balls.

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