The Middle Name Meme

Grendel (who is the most awesomely great dog) tagged my Mom for this “Meme” about middle names.  I don’t know what a “meme” is, and I don’t really have a middle name, but Mom said I am “the Wonder dog” and the middle word in that is Wonder, so we will use the word Wonder.

 W – Writhe.  I writhe in the snow, and on the ice, too.  Sometimes we’ll be walking along and suddenly — wham — I am on the ice, on my side, being dragged along.  I like to writhe.   The cold feels good on my fur.

O – Only.  I am an only dog.  I like other dogs, don’t get me wrong.  But I also like being Special.  I would like other dogs to come and visit me, but maybe not live here.

N – Naps.  I do like to take naps.  Doesn’t everyone?  I like to take naps on my bed, under the table, on the living room floor, on the love-seat.

D – Daring.  I am a daring and devilish dog, especially when I try to Escape.  I also like to make up Games. Also D is for Dog, which is God spelled backwards.  I this this is important, but I don’t know why.

E – Energetic.  Naps are great, but so are playing with dogs, running down the street and in all of the neighbors back yards, chasing rabbits and squirrels and oh – so many things!  I can be very energetic!

R – Running.  I am a good runner.  Mom says I should pull a wagon or something.  That would be all right with me.

 I would like to tag Cody Bear, and Molly, and Clumber (my new and incredibly smart friend) and some cats, too, if I can find some… 

6 Responses to “The Middle Name Meme”

  1. DogBlogger Says:

    Wow, you did a great job, Scout! Especially for not really having a middle name.

    The Boy’s middle name is HarangusShebangusHonkyMagoo. I’m very glad he doesn’t have a blog, because it would be a very long meme for him.


  2. scoutdog Says:

    boy, that is a long middle name, Cub! and hard to bark, too!

  3. 4urpets Says:

    Hey, that’s pretty cool. None of my dogs have middle names, but I did have a bird named:

    Corky P. Rutherford (Don’t ask me what the P. stands for, it was just an initial. I made the vet put down the P. in his chart).

    I know…I know….I am a little off kilter sometimes.

  4. Rusty Says:

    Wow! That is cool! You have a middle name! I’m going to talk to mom about this!

  5. lindy Says:

    That was a great post Scout! You truly are a thing of wonder. Lots of pets and belly rubs for you.

  6. Rusty Says:

    i’m back! I left something for you on my blog because you cheer me up when I read here.

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