I wish I had a friend like this

golden-retriever-and-cat-friends.jpgMom showed me this picture the other day.  I met this nice dog once, when she was a puppy.  She has a friend, as you can see.  I’m not jealous of her (dogs aren’t jealous, as Rowan so clearly knows), but sometimes I wish I had a friend like this, that I could cuddle with.

 It’s cold here.  I like the cold, and especially like rolling around in the snow.  Mom and dad don’t like the cold so much.  So, we don’t do as many fun things together in the winter.  Also, Mom has to work more in the winter.  That’s when it would be good to have a friend.

 In the summer we go on vacation together, and I catch the ball in the yard, and we eat outside by the lake sometimes! 

In the meantime, I try to be the best friend I can to mom and dad.  I know that’s my job, and that’s part of what God created me to do.

Also, does anyone here know:  why do most churches not let dogs come to church?  I think we could teach a lot.

6 Responses to “I wish I had a friend like this”

  1. zorra Says:

    I never have felt much of a need for friends, beside my mama and daddy. I guess I’m kind of a solitary dog. I know that one reason I came home with them is because they thought my sister Zorra needed a friend, but, well, we never got along very well. There are two dogs named Cody and Otto down the street at my grandma’s house. Sometimes they try to be friends with me, but I just think they’re kind of silly. Mama says I am stuck up.

    I’ve been to church a couple of times. I even spent the night there with mama and daddy once. That was fun!

  2. scoutdog Says:

    Amie, I wish you would tell me more about going to church, especially spending the night! I would like to do that.

  3. FranIAm Says:

    Scout- you should definitely have your mom take you to church. I think she could tell you a lot about what is going on there!

    It would be nice to have a friend like that to cuddle with, wouldn’t it?

    I would love to cuddle up with you one day… You, Rowan, Grendel.

    I just love all the dogs!

  4. Rowan The Dog Says:

    I would cuddle up with you Scout. If I was where you are, that is.

    I went to church one time and got a blessing from a woman dressed like Jesus. She didn’t do any miracles or anything though. I liked it. I would go back to church. I could lick people and make them laugh which I think might be more fun than what usually goes on there.

  5. zorra Says:

    Scout, here’s the story of when I spent the night at church.

  6. Rusty Says:

    Hi Scout!
    That friend does look like fun, but I do all my cuddling with mom and dad. I know you are a good friend to your mom and dad. I don’t know about the church thing. Mom never lets me go with her.

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