My Exciting Evening

scout-in-doorway.jpgI had a good day today, from morning to night.  First, I got a ride in the car!  I was very good (Mom said so) and sat very still, so she took me to the Big Indoor Park Where Many Dogs Play!  I was so tired when I came home! 

 But that wasn’t all!  After I took my nap, and watched Mom and Dad clean the house (I don’t know why; it looks fine to me), a Big Van drove into the driveway and Three Big People and Two Little People got out!  I loved the little people and their toys!  One of them had a train set, which I sniffed to make sure it was safe.  I also licked the tops of their heads.  They tasted good.

Then, a PIZZA came!  Well, actually, three pizzas!  I counted.  They looked so delicious, and of course, there is always the hope that someone will drop a piece!

 And then, the Boys came too!  And one of the Boys Did drop a piece of pizza!  What a night!

 They tell me it’s Lent — but it’s not Lent for Dogs!  that’s for sure!

10 Responses to “My Exciting Evening”

  1. FranIAm Says:

    Scout – that is amazing! We had pizza for Lent too. Cheese of course!

    How fun. You did have a great day so now that I know that I can go to sleep.

  2. lindy Says:

    O Scout, it makes me laugh out loud to think of you having a fun day. I am so glad that one of the boys dropped a piece of pizza for you… good boy, eh? Have a fun weekend sweet dog.

  3. Rusty Says:

    Wow, you had a fun day and got to have some pizza! I wish I could go to an indoor park for dogs! the only parks around here are outside and none of them are for dogs.

    I left something for you at my place. A Someone Special Award.

  4. 4urpets Says:


    You are such a happy dog. You had some pizza? Wow! Too bad the little people didn’t drop their toys so you could play with them too.

  5. Molly Says:

    Pizza is the best, Scout! I’m glad you got some!! I wish some little kids would come over to my house, but I guess the big ones are nice, too. And my mom? Always “drops” some pizza for me.
    Your friend,

  6. DogBlogger Says:

    Oh, how nice, Scout! We had a walk AND a ride last night! I’ll blog about it if The Typist will sit down and type for longer than two seconds.

  7. Paul (the Byziwhatsit) Says:

    I love reading about my canine friends having good times. Boy, pizza sounds really good right now.

    We two-leggeds get into so much trouble we have lots to be sorry for, so that’s why we get Lent to help us. If a dog gets into trouble it’s never because you mean to be bad, so it’s different. You don’t need Lent. Lucky and wonderful you!

  8. wyrdbyrd Says:

    Yay for you, Scout! Isabel had oodles of fun on Saturday, too, she got to go play with a whole bunch of Standard Poodles!

  9. Rowan The Dog Says:

    Dear Scout,

    Would you be my valentine?
    I woof you.


  10. scoutdog Says:

    yes, Rowan I will be your Valentine. Love, Scout.
    p.s. may get a post up later today

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