A Handsome Dog

coyote1.jpgThis is not me.  This is a picture of a coyote.

When I was still a puppy, sometimes people would say that I looked like a coyote.  For some reason this made my mom look a little sad.  I don’t know why.  She would get bummed out when someone said, “That dog looks like a coyote.” 

Recently we saw this picture of a coyote.  I think coyotes are handsome animals.  And maybe, just maybe, he does look a little like me. 

What do you think? 

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8 Responses to “A Handsome Dog”

  1. 4urpets Says:

    You are much much more handsome than a coyote. I bet you are smarter too. Do you have a fluffy tail like a coyote? Do you like road runners? You have to take all these into consideration before making the decision if you look like a coyote. So, here is my answer:

    1. You are handsomer
    2. You are smarter
    3. You do not have a fluffy coyote tail
    4. You do not know what a road runner is

    Nope, you do not look like a coyote.


  2. Rowan The Dog Says:

    Dear Scout,

    I think you are the prettiest girl dog I’ve ever seen.



  3. Rusty Says:

    Mom thinks coyotes are very pretty if they are helathy ones. But she thinks you are MUCH prettier. You have a sweet face that is very appealing. I think you are too!

    Mom said if your mom wants to take that Dog/cat test just go to my blog and click on the blue words at the bottom of the picture that say “Are You More Cat of Dog.” Let me know how she does. You saw my mom just barely remained acceptable.

  4. DogBlogger Says:

    You’re really beautiful, Scout.

    But we think coyotes are, too.

  5. Paul (the Byziwhatsit) Says:

    Scout, I think you are gorgeous. If I were a dog and not a human I’d probably fall in love with you. As it is I think you’re terrific.

    I also think coyotes are handsome. We have them in my part of the world and every once in a while I see one. I also get to see roadrunners. They don’t really look like Beepbeep in the cartoons but they are way cool birds. Sunday afternoon I got to see a flock of wild turkeys. I would say you look a little bit like a coyote but that’s a good thing. And you are even prettier.

  6. wyrdbyrd Says:

    Maybe she looks a little like you, but Scout you are prettier.

  7. grendel Says:

    I don’t think you look like a coyote–your ears are much too handsome. But coyotes are ok (except they are sad)


  8. zorra Says:

    Coyotes are beautiful animals, Scout, but so are you.
    The first time my mama ever saw my sister Zorra, she thought she was looking at a coyote–and Mama says Zorra was the most beautiful dog she has ever seen. (That doesn’t hurt my feelings because I know she thinks I’m pretty too.)


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