Rowan tagged me!

scout-smiling.jpgHere goes:

 Rowan, who is my best dog friend,  tagged me.

– Link to the person that tagged you. (done)
– Post the rules on your blog. (done)
– Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself. (done)
– Tag six people and at the end of your post, link to their blogs. (done)
– Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I like to roll around in the snow.  My guardians sometimes call it “writhing”, which doesn’t sound very nice, does it?  I like the way the cold snow and ice feels on my fur.

2. Most of the time, I don’t understand why Mom and Dad get so bummed when I get sick.  As soon as I’m done, I feel better.

3. I scratch myself a lot.  I think just for something to do.

4. I think I am really pretty, and am pretty sure that everybody likes me.

5. I really like it when I get to go on vacation with Mom and Dad.  But, I like it when I get to stay and play with other dogs, too.  Don’t tell them.  I want them to feel guilty.

6.  I like to chew things.  Mostly, I like my toys, like my new cactus squeaky toy from Wherever Diane Went, but I also have been known to chew:  pens, money, cardboard, books (really, only one or two) and a sandal — once.  Really, I’m just curious.  What’s a dog to do?

I tag Zorra’s Amie, Wyrdbyrd‘s Isabel, MollyHotCup‘s MochaJavaPuppy and humans… if there are any humans who haven’t done this, please feel free!

11 Responses to “Rowan tagged me!”

  1. Molly Says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll play later. Right now I’m going for walk!

  2. wyrdbyrd Says:

    Ooo, this is fun, says Isabel!

  3. zorra Says:

    Thanks, Scout! I’ll play tonight if mama has time to type for me.

  4. 4urpets Says:

    I admire dogs that call roll around and play in the snow and don’t turn into popsicles. Way to go Scout!

  5. zorra Says:

    I did my meme!

  6. Lindy and Rowan Says:

    You are really a great memer Scout. I knew you would be.

    I wish I could roll around in the snow with you. I’ve never seen snow. But, if it is too very cold I don’t know if I could take it. But, we could jump and play anyway. When we have cold days here, Lindy lets me run in the house. I admire you for being a snow dog.

    I love you Scout. You’re a dreamboat.

    Your best dog pal,


  7. 4urpets Says:

    Hey Scout, tell your guardians that you are not writhing in the snow….you are trying to make snow angels!

  8. scoutdog Says:

    Rowan, when it’s really cold, my paws don’t like the ice. but I am kind of a cold weather dog. That’s why I don’t wear cool coats and things like you do. I don’t need them. But I will see, they really suit you. You are a handsome dog!

  9. Rusty Says:

    Rolling around in the snow sounds like FUN! And of course you are pretty!

  10. Rowan The Dog Says:

    You are very brave Scout. Me and Lindy admire you and Diane. Lindy said that she didn’t think she could stand the kind of weather you have and she probably couldn’t. She’s not all that evolved. I think that playing in the snow might be fun. I might try it once. But, surly, wearing pretty coats is funner.

    Woofs to you pretty girl,

  11. goodbear Says:

    scout! you’re a beautiful dog!

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