Here’s What Happened

My people took their suitcases and closed the door and LEFT ME.  All by myself.  I was not very happy.

 Then, a few minutes later the Nice Older Lady I Am Not Supposed To Jump On came over.  It was Very Exciting!

And then, something even more exciting happened!  The Woman Who Speaks Dog came over, too!  I was So Excited that when she opened the front door, I ran out!

I ran up and down the street for a few minutes.  Did someone call me?  I don’t know!  I didn’t hear anything!

Then, the Woman Who Speaks Dog backed her car into the street and opened the back hatch.  I jumped right in!  I will go anywhere with her!  She Speaks Dog!

That’s what happened.

I’m safe now.  I’ve been playing with a dog called Pink, who looks a lot like me.

See you later!

I hope you are having as much fun as I am!



13 Responses to “Here’s What Happened”

  1. mocha java puppy Says:

    wow scout you buddy are leading the life. i broke a big window this week so my people are not very happy. but here are my wise woofs for you:
    woof #1 – sleep in the middle of the bed. it’s the best!
    woof #2 – late afternoon naps are best done on living room couches
    woof #3 – practice your pouty face so when your people come home, you’ll have it perfected and can wriggle many treats out of them!

  2. Jan Says:

    Good for you, Scout!

  3. Rowan The Dog Says:

    Wow Scout. That DOES sound like fun. We have some streets here. I’ve only gotten to run on them one time. It sure was fun though. I like running on streets.

    My guardian told me that your guardians probably miss you a lot and everything. Don’t be too hard on them. It’s probably a big sacrifice to have to be without you. But, guardians know about these things, what is best and everything.

    I love you and now I am going to get some food and take a nap.


  4. scoutdog Says:

    thank you for visiting. I am having a lot of fun. Mocha java puppy, you broke a window! WOW I only broke a fence. I will take your woofs under consideration.

    I hope mom brings me a new toy when she comes home

  5. FranIAm Says:

    Scout- what an adventure! You jumped in the car! A woman who speaks dog! Another dog called Pink!


  6. DogBlogger Says:

    Wow, Scout! That must have been fun! But I’m glad you got in the car and out of the road.

    Last week The Boy and I “pulled a B and E.” At least that’s what The Alpha said. What happened was The Typist left and forgot to shut the back door all the way, but she shut it enough to push that button on the wall before she left. Then we nosed the door open, and there was a really big noise for a while, and then we barked at the policemen, and then The Alpha came home and put us outside and locked the door. And then The Typist came home and was a little sheepish.


  7. grendel Says:

    How did she learn to speak Dog? Wow!

    I want to See Pink!

  8. Rowan The Dog Says:

    Dear Scout,

    I tagged you over on my great blog. I hope you have fun playing. You might have to get Diane to help you a little bit, not sure.

    Your pal,


  9. RevDrKate Says:

    Scout, Maggie and I are happy to hear you are having good adventures while Diane is away so you don’t get too lonely. The Lady Who Speaks Dog sounds very wonderful, Maggie would like her a LOT!

  10. wyrdbyrd Says:

    Whew, Scout, it’s a good thing you jumped in her car! Sounds like you are having a good time!

  11. zorra Says:

    Did you always know where you were, when you were running around? Were you scared? I’m so glad you jumped into her car!


  12. scoutdog Says:

    Amie, I don’t know if I was scared or not . I was very excited, and I’m glad I jumped in the car, too! All I know is, I like to run, and sometimes I forget to stop.

    thank you for asking.

  13. thegirl Says:

    I am gad you are ok.

    When it snowed last week I ran out of our gate and kept running for a while. Then the snow got kinda cold so I stopped. Mom found me shivering under a bush accross the street.

    She said I was naughty but I had fun!

    from Knuckles

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