A Dog Psalm

Because Grendel Asked Me To, and I Love Grendel:

I am dog.  I forgive without asking for forgiveness.

I will forgive you before you are ready to receive my look, my lick on your hand.  I do not bargain forgiveness; I do not make a deal.  You are forgiven even before you harm or holler or neglect or ignore.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tonight is already a new time.  The sun witll not set on my anger.  I forgive you for I am yours and you are mine.  We agreed without a signed document.  You can hold me to words I cannot say, to a sentence I cannot write.  Hold me to who I am.  I am dog and I forgive.  Forgiving feels right.  I do not ask why.  I will not sleep with a grudge.


I forgive.  I will not go to sleep with a grudge.  I do not carry anger with me for long.  I know the strength and peace inside forgiving.  I believe forgiveness weakens a battle line, erases wrinkles in the spirit, brings relief to my mind.  I forgive and chains fall, foe becomes a friend, a family relaxes, children hug and sing and play again.  Forgiveness makes possible change, a time to grow, telling the truth, acts of kindsness, reconciliation.  Your forgiveness is in me.

From:  Dog Psalms, Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me, by Herbert Brokering

15 Responses to “A Dog Psalm”

  1. grendel Says:

    This is the Most Beautiful Thing in the World.

    “I am dog and I forgive”–Laika must have said this prayer and meant it.

    Blessed Laika, tell the Holy Baby Jesus to pour his Blessing down upon Scout. He is a Good Dog. And his mom. She is a Good Mom. Amen.

    Thank you!

  2. Presbyterian Gal Says:

    Scout you have a fine a noble blog! And the falling snow is just so cool. (not meant as a pun).

    I come bearing virtual dog kibble that is of the manna nature that you can eat without issues. Happy New Year to you. And Happy Blogging. You have many dog friends out here yet to meet!

    Presbyterian Gal
    (and Callie and Lucy who just happen to be cats, they can’t help themselves)

  3. scoutdog Says:

    Ms. Presbyterian Gal, thank you for the virtual kibble. I love to eat it, and it’s nice to know that it won’t make me sick either. also, I would like to meet your kitties someday. I am very curious about all living things.

  4. scoutdog Says:

    and Grendel, thanks for the prayer from Laika. I am very honored

  5. Serena Says:

    Hey Scout, my kitties join me in welcoming you too. And we all think your blog about forgiveness is very good.

  6. scoutdog Says:

    thanks serena! welcome woof woof!

  7. PS Says:

    Cool blog, Scout. Looking forward to reading more dog wisdom. I think I’ll share it with my cat.

  8. scoutdog Says:

    hmmm. cats. well, ok. they ARE interesting, if you know what I mean.


  9. revabi Says:

    What a great thought Scoutdog. My dogs would agree, woof woof.
    Would you please teach us humans how to do this.

  10. FranIAm Says:

    Oh my God… this may be one of the most beautiful things I have read in a long, long time.

    I take it into my heart with great reverence and send love back out to you.

  11. Grandmère Mimi Says:

    Beautiful, Scout. You may give Diane competition, you know. Go easy on her at first until she gets used to the idea of two bloggers in the house.

  12. Paul (the Byziwhatsit) Says:

    Scout, thank you so much for posting this. We two-leggeds have so much trouble getting clear on the idea of forgiveness. We have so much to learn from dogs and we learn so slowly. I hope this reminder will help us all.

    It’s very exciting that you have your own blog now. Mimi is right, you may need to be gentle with Diane until she adjusts to you both having your own blogs.

    Tummy rubs!

  13. scoutdog Says:

    Paul and Mimi — woof woof! tummy rubs to both of you too! Do you like them? I also like ear scratches.

  14. Paul (the Byziwhatsit) Says:

    Thanks, Scout. I like giving tummy rubs more than getting them but ohhhhhhh, ear scratches!!!!!! It is blessed to give and receive those. Woof.

  15. scoutdog Says:

    woof to you too, Paul!

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