my favorite things

It’s Christmas, and I thought I would name a few of my favorite things.

1.  Snow.  Mom doesn’t like it soooo much, but I love it.  If it’s too cold for my paws, I just stick my head in the snow, and roll around a few times.  I wonder why humans don’t do that?

2.  Squeaky toys.  I hope I get one or two new squeaky toys in my Christmas stocking (hint, hint).

3.  Bunnies.  They are sort of like squeaky toys.  I hardly ever catch one, even though I am fast!

4.  Food.  I’m not particular.  I like every food, even soap!  What?!  Who said Soap is not food?

5.  Food.  (I really like food.)

6.  The boys.  When they come over, I get so excited!  I can hardly keep from jumping all over them!  I think I will see them at Christmas, and that will be just about the best Christmas present ever!

more favorite things to come…

what are yours?

 I can’t figure out how to add a picture of me!


6 Responses to “my favorite things”

  1. 4urpets Says:

    Sissy love to chase rabbits too, and she never catches them. So her next favorite thing is eating rabbit raisins!

    Jonesy loves the squeaker out of the toy!

  2. grendel Says:

    This is a super new blog!

    What kind of soap is best to eat? I want to know!

  3. scoutdog Says:

    we like “Pure and Natural” soap to eat.
    did you know that soap is mostly fat? that’s why I like it.

  4. grendel Says:

    Fat just tastesgood. All dogs know that!

  5. revabi Says:

    Wow what great favorite things. They sound like my dogs’ favorite things except for the soap. They also like their male master’s shoes and the kids Barbie Dolls and male child’s stuffed animals, but they also like the plastic toys too. Sometimes wood is handy too.
    Hope you catch a bunny sometime.

  6. Rowan The Dog Says:

    I sure wish I could get in some snow. For today I had to be happy with going to the lake and getting in the water. I like chasing ducks. It’s funny when they talk. Quack.

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