Hello world!

Hi, I’m Scout.  I’m a dog.  My mom blogs, and I want to too.

 I am a golden retriever and husky mix.  I am just under three years old.  I am very smart and nice, and I like food, running, squeaky toys, running, being around dogs, being around people, and food.

What do you like?

3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. grendel Says:

    Hi, Scout,
    I like gravy, going for walks, gravy, being covered in warm laundry, gravy, jerky treats, eating poop, gravy, riding in the car really fast, gravy, gravy, gravy and gravy.

  2. scoutdog Says:

    hmmm. grendel, I’m going to have to try gravy one of these days.
    I did eat lefse yesterday, for the first time.

  3. Rowan The Dog Says:

    What I like is this swell new blog! Congratulations Scout. You are such a great gal!



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